Museum of History and Ceramics of Biot


9, rue Saint Sébastien

Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday : 2:00PM – 6:00PM
Closed monday and tuesday


Museum of History and Ceramics of Biot

Museum of History and Ceramics of Biot

The “Museum of History and Ceramics of Biot” is a non-profit organisation. It opened to the public in 1981.

The museum’s objective is to gather and preserve Biot’s heritage, and to then present this to the public. This heritage spans 2000 years and includes Biot’s “pottery production” and “traditions”.

The museum is located in the old St Jacques Hospital. The building’s cistern and the arcade in the ancient chapel of the 16th century White Penitents, have been retained. The arcade is used for temporary exhibitions.

The history of Biot is told through a series of panels, photographs, objects and even a typical 19th century kitchen, thanks to the generosity of Biot’s inhabitants.

The Collections were donated by village families and further enriched through acquisition.

The museum needs your support and invites you to participate “les amis du musée”.

You can get information on “events” and “exhibitions” by clicking on the tabs on the left of the screen.